Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Celebrity Style Capture: Solange Knowles

I may be a little obsessed with Solange. I decided to capture her again with this all white look.  I loved how simple and chic it is.  I think I wore these pants twice already on this blog within the last month. I'm obsessed with them. It is extremely hard to find white pants in plus size with a great cut, a heavy enough fabric, and that just look great.  I see that they aren't available online anymore, but you may find them in store.  They are the Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant white pants.  I love this top from Mynt. I think my favorite thing is that it's sheer in the front and solid in the back, so you get the party in the front and the business in the back. HA! 

Style Notes: I got these pants in a 26, and the top is in a size 22.  The pants do have stretch.  These are definitely worth the investment if you are looking for a fab pair of white pants for the spring and summer. 

Pants - Lane Bryant (sold out), Top - c/o MYNT, Shoes - Belks (similar), Clutch - Ideel, Sunnies - Eloquii (soldout)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Werkin' Out

Plus Size Activewear
I've gotten so many requests about activewear and I wanted to oblige the requests.  I've got here three brands. I was sent items by Soybu, Lola Getts and purchased the pieces from Lane Bryant.  My normal physical activities include my spin bike (I purchased one for my home) or walking (normally with Shug).  I have actually worn all of these biking and walking, because I wanted to see how they faired in movement.  Some of you guys have seen me on my bike on Instagram and you know I'm doing a lot of movement...some voluntarily and some involuntarily. HA. Find the video here. Now, let's get into this review.

  • The styles remind me of Lulumon
  • They just extended into plus sizes
  • Style-wise this was my favorite although, I don't think it photographed well
  • Pants have a mid-rise (not low, but not high)
  • I would have loved to see a drawstring added
  • Stayed in place with walking, but had to pull up a couple times when biking.  
  • Priced around $40 - $50 per piece
  • True to size
  • I LOVE the thumb holes!!!! 
  • Just launched new activewear line, LiviActive
  • The pants had the best fit out of the 3. 
  • Pants stayed in place while walking and biking. 
  • Basic styles
  • I liked the thickness and compression of the pants
  • Pricing - $30 - $70, but remember LB always has some sort of coupon deal
  • True to size
Lola Getts (far right)
  • Really liked the babydoll & sweatshirt (not picture) top, great for keeping the butt covered  - Babydoll is a must.
  • Low rise pants on me - probably work for apple, rectangles, and inverted triangles
  • I had to keep pulling up the pants while walking and biking.  
  • Price range $40 - $60 per piece, but they do have items on sale starting at $20
  • The compression and thickness of the pants was great
  • True to size
As mentioned above, I spin and walk for exercise, but if you are looking for another way to get active check out PSPFit.  I'm particularily looking forward to the "Get Fit with Bad Knees" video, which is complimentary if you sign up here.   My knees suck after my ACL surgery.  Anywho, I hope this helps in your activewear search.  I hope to do a review on plus size sports bras next.  

Plus Size Activewear

Plus Size Activewear

Plus Size Activewear

(why these Instagram embeds won't center, I don't know. Ugh!)

Monday, April 13, 2015


Just a note, I am sure to be wearing a lot of white for this spring/summer.  I'm already obsessed with it and the season just started.  Anyways, some of you may saw in a previous post that Ideel is one of my favorites for online budget shopping.  I'm excited to have partnered with them on a plus size sales event where I have curated items from their stock. The items I have on are included in that sale, as well.  There will be new curated boards Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can find the items I'm wearing and more here

Style Notes:  I was looking at this skirt for a while.  On the model, I liked the sheer quality.  Once on, I thought it was going to more sheer than it was.  I'm not sure if it was b/c the skirt was a similar color to my skin, but it wasn't as transparent as I thought it was going to be, so don't be afraid of the skirt. It's also nothing that nude shapewear can't take care of.  It also comes in black, so just swap your nude shapewear for black. I also would order one size up on the skirt. 

This post was sponsored by Ideel, all opinions are my own. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dare Magazine Spring Cover

Eek! So this happened today.  I am on the cover of Dare Magazine, complete with fantastic interview by Erin Dunlap.  She mad me sound cooler than I actually am.  I need her writing skills. HA! It's such huge honor and I just want to thank the Dare team for everything.  You can head over to Dare Magazine to read the full article. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Secrets of a Bargain Hunter

Hi all!  I've got an exciting announcement.  I'll be partnering with Ross through the end of the year to bring you some amazing and budget friendly fashion posts.  I'm excited for a few reasons. One is that I am a frequent Ross shopper from everything to home goods, to clothing, to things for Shug.  I'm also excited because I know so many of you love Ross and have expressed in my comments often.  Finally, this is a chance for us to do some bargain shopping together, come up with some great looks,  share some bargain hunting tips, and save some coinage.  You guys know I am adamant about hi/lo mixing.  Ross is awesome for finding those "lo" price pieces that are designer, not to mention, as far as off-priced department stores, Ross has the one of the most populated plus size sections with a lot of items to chose from.  I'll be bringing you some bargain hunting tips throughout my posts, so let's get into the first few. 

Bargain Hunting Tips
  • Know what day your Ross delivery truck delivers the new shipment of items.  Usually, I just ask a sales associate, but I know my nearest Ross delivers on Wednesday.  That's great to know especially if you are looking for furniture items.  By the weekend, things have been sifted through and I'd rather have first dibs. 
  • Check the clearance first.  I've found awesome under $10 plus size clothing finds just by checking there first. 
  • Buy off season.  For example, look for next winter's coat at the end of winter for the next year, get a great deal and have you coat ready to go when the weather changes. 
  • Ross is a great place for department store items at bargain prices, become familiar with your favorite department store designer labels, so you will can grab them up when you see them. 
Also, Ross is having a $200 gift card giveaway contest for voting on spring style shoes.  You can enter here at their Facebook page.  Stay tuned for more bargain hunting tips and some fun outfits.  Have your own Ross bargain hunting tips? Feel free to share them below.  

Thank you Ross for sponsoring this post. 
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