Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Event Announcement: theCURVYcon

I'm happy to share some exciting news with you girls! Cece Olisa, from Plus Size Princess and I have put together an event that we're calling theCURVYcon
theCURVYcon is a one day event in NYC where we can Shop Curvy. Chat Curvy. Embrace Curvy. 
The day will be filled with panels from our favorite bloggers, YouTubers and fashionistas. There will also be plus size fashion showcases and of course... shopping!  
We're hard at work over here to make this event fabulous and chic and I really hope all of you can make it to NYC for this amazing day!  Here are the details:
When: June 20, 2015
Where: Metropolitan Pavillon West in New York City 
Our first round of VIP tickets will go on sale March 13th at midnight, but you must be a CurvyVIP for access. Become a CurvyVIP here

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Saturday Casual

This is a different look for me. I'm usually very feminine and decided to play with a more masculine color palette while still be comfortable and casual for my day of shopping and lunch with my husband.  I wanted to point out that for those who want to wear pencil skirts, but don't feel comfortable with the form fitting silhouette of a pencil skirt around your tummy area, you can wear a button down over the skirt and don't tuck in.  When I wear this sort of combination, I feel more relaxed as well, free, and sort of boho.  I felt very Lisa Bonet in this look. LOL.  

Style Note:  Please excuse my car seatbelt wrinkle, this shirt easily picked up wrinkles from the seat belt and just general sitting.  Also, I did buy this shirt in a size 24.  I knew I wanted it to be oversized.  You can get a smaller fit, but I already knew how I wanted to wear it.  Also, I'm not sure why the necklace photographed purple, but it more of a pink.  The sun was bright, and so the lighting was probably the issue, but my last outfit post has a more accurate photo. 

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Plus Size Prom & Formalwear

The requests for plus size formal-wear and prom looks have been getting crazy.  I didn't realize people had such fancy places to go.   I, on the other hand, rarely get to go to fancy enough events that would require a gown. I need someone to invite me to something.  LOL.  Anywho, I've scouted out a few places that you may or may not know about. A lot of the places mentioned do have a combination of prom, evening, and mother of the bride, so make sure you look around each site.

David's Bridal This seems like an obvious choice, but I just visited this store and spoke with an employee.  She told me that prom gowns would be arriving now until the end of March. I saw some gowns, including this chevron striped gown on the photo, which I wouldn't mind having in my arsenal in the case that a special occasion comes up. It is a dead ringer for an Oscar de la Renta gown from a couple of seasons ago, but without the price tag.  Unfortunately, it's not set to arrive until late March. 

Sydney's Closet - This site has some excellent prom selections and formal-wear pieces. They specialize in plus sizes and carry up to a size 44. 

Nordstrom - The Nordstrom special occasion dresses are more suited for adult formalwear and mother of the bride.  The selection didn't have good selects, in my opinion, for prom. 

Rent The Runway A lot of the time when we buy formalwear it generally is a gown that is only worn once.  "Rent the Runway" provides an option that allows you to rent high-end garments for a fraction of the price.  Check out the accessory department as well.  They have fancy clutches and jewelry from some of the priciest designers. 

SimplyBe - This is not a place to traditionally find formalwear, but Simply does offer quite a few long dress options.

Fame & Partners - Update* - I was just sent this by a reader.  I don't know much about the site, but the dresses look trendy, edgy, and youthful.  This would be a great choice for prom goers.

Tips for Shopping Formalwear Online

  • Check bridesmaid dresses for your formalwear. I am the queen of wearing things in a way that the designer never intended.  Look for those bridesmaid dresses, you never know what you could find. Particularly, there are dresses from the designer collaboration at David's Bridal (Vera Wang & Zac Posen) that I would totally wear to a formal event.  There is no shame over here.  
  • Beware of the some of the overseas online dress shops.  I have seen internet disasters too many times, where people order from these sites, and the dress is pictured one way and comes to your house all jacked up. LOL. I, myself, ordered from one of the sites.  The best of these sites is Light in the Box. I've ordered, and while I didn't feel the dress looked as great as it did online, it was still pretty identical.  I've only ordered one time, so I don't know how the other dresses look, but mine came out okay.  Now, I'm not too confident in the return systems, so if you purchase a dress here, you will want to be prepared to keep it. 
  • If ordering online you may want to order a few dresses at one time.  If you are strapped for time then I would order a few dresses at one time and figure out which one you want to keep.  Make sure you know the return policies before you do this. 
  • Be prepared to get your dress altered. Formalwear almost always needs alteration.  Budget for that.  Depending on what is needed you could pay an addition $50 to $100. 
  • Give yourself a lot of time to shop - Y'all know how I feel about last minute shopping.  Why stress yourself out if you don't have to.  Give yourself 1 to 2 months to find your perfect look. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

2 Dates on Valentine's Day

Okay, so the title makes you think, "Scandalous!" I had two dates with B, so there goes that tea. LOL.  B and I had an early dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, Fiorillo's. If you ever make it to the Bay, you must get there for dinner.  As a girl who is part Sicilian, grew up knowing the joy of great Italian food, and is extremely picky about where she eats it, this restaurant is the real deal.  In my humble opinion, Italian food should be judged by the marinara sauce and the lasagna and both make you want to melt into your seat.  It's the best restaurant Italian food I've ever had. I'm going to stop there because I may have to stop writing to go get a to-go order. LOL.  

Swiftly moving I know the "to do" thing was to go and see 50 shades, but the thought of standing in a long theater line for a seat right underneath the movie screen wasn't our idea of fun and we weren't really pressed to see it.  Let me know if it's worth seeing. We came home watched a movie ON DEMAND, instead.  We saw the movie, "Dear White People," which was an indie film that won a host of awards.  Don't let the title put you off, it's good. Then we decided to play miniature golf and go to an arcade.  The thought of wearing a tutu to play miniature just didn't sound comfortable, so I slipped on these leopard pants and added some jewelry. My Valentine's Day was so much fun and relaxed. I sometimes think  we can get caught up in the pressure to have this elaborate day planned, but just being together and doing the simple stuff can be fun too.  I cried real tears when B took 16 strokes to make it into one hole (of course this was after he clowned me for the 12 strokes I took before him).   Please note that I won our V-day putting competition. #bloop 

Style Notes: I didn't know what I was wearing on Valentine's Day with B until the last minute.  I had been looking around, but before I knew it Valentine's Day snuck up on me.  I just shopped my closet for items that I already had. Some of the items are unavailable because I've had them awhile, but I'll link to similar items at the bottom of the post.  Cool tidbit about the leather jacket is that it comes with a piece that zips on and off and allows for two that is cropped and one that has a peplum hem. 

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just A Little Flair

Plus Size Little Black Dress
Yep, don't call me out, I've been on an outfit hiatus.   Things have been a little crazy and I needed a moment just to stand and breath.  In addition, with it being between seasons, I didn't keep doing winter clothing, but it was a little too early for spring clothing.  I probably have a few winter looks left, but as soon as March hits I am moving on.  It's already a decent 60 degrees here in the Bay, but this day I was in San Francisco, and it's always chilly there.  Anywho, some of you saw me post this dress on Facebook. Please note that I usually post items that I am going to purchase on Facebook.  I guess you can kind of call it a pre-warning.  Also, know that I purchase my pieces before I tell you guys or your snatch them right from under me. It happened a couple of times, and I said never again. HA! 

Style Notes: I ADORE this dress.  Things you should know about ASOS Curve is that you want to check the size chart.  ASOS runs big to traditional plus sizing, but the size chart tells you that.  I ordered a 20 in this dress, and it still fit a little big in the bust, but I will say that I like the dress being bigger.  Even though, it's meant to be a body con, sizing up gives it a professional option. I wore this to a meeting and felt this to be totally appropriate....yes even with this boot'ay. Had it been tighter, I wouldn't have worn it.  To me, this is adorable  for day or night and was nicely priced.  I also purchased some of the wide width shoes from ASOS.  OMG, they are super cute, nicely priced, and they fit well.  Note that they do only go up to an 11, but is a solution for women looking for wide width shoes.  Also, the original jacket was from Talbots, but it sold out. 

Plus Size Little Black Dress

Plus Size Little Black Dress

Plus Size Little Black Dress
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Photos by Lydia Hudgens
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