Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Safari

In the month of March, for me, I focus on transitioning my wardrobe from winter to spring.  I revisit my wardrobe and pieces I've worn through the colder months to see what can be, with the integration of spring items, transferred into the next season.   Leopard, though very prominent in the fall/winter, can totally be worn in the spring. Last season I wore this skirt during New York Fashion week and thought it was something that could totally transfer over to spring. Animal prints worn in the summer sometimes will be related to a safari theme, and I decided to go with that particular theme for this look.  I added in this coral printed top from AVA & VIV as a budget-friendly, but chic addition to this look and my spring wardrobe.  I don't think I've ever done a safari inspired look, so I am excited about this one.  I think all I need is a pair of binoculars and some sunscreen.  

Style Notes:  Feel free to switch in your leopard skirt in this look.  This post is about transitioning what you have now into spring.  Leopard is a considered a neutral, so adding in a spring-colored top or even a denim shirt will easily take your leopard skirt from winter to spring.  I added in a coral lipstick, usually a color reserved for the warmer months and a straw fedora.

Top: Target, Skirt: Ashley Stewart (old), Hat: Target, Belt:  Michael Kors (old), Shoes: ASOS

This post was sponsored by Target, all opinions and style are my own. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tips for Wearing All White

tips on wearing all white
If you are a reader of this blog, you will know that I am no stranger to throwing on all white.  It's not an easy color to wear. White highlights everything on your body, the good and not so good.  Now if you are one of those people who just throw on all white without a thought. I applaud you.  Swimsuits and wearing all white are two things, I still very much try to do in a way that looks best on my body.   I had a few people ask me about wearing white, so let's get into these tips. 

Wear white pants in the summer with this shapewear hack - Shapewear in the summer sucks.  Shapewear under the pants that cut you off mid-thigh sucks too.  I do have a Capri Shaper, but it's entirely too hot to wear that under your pants in the spring/summer, so I take a pair a panty hose.   You will want to find some that are a bad fit, particularly a pair that is too short.  Cut off the feet and slip those underneath your pants.  For me, cellulite is always an issue under white pants.  The hosiery allows me to have a cooler option, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and not have that line mid thigh caused from the short style shapewear.

Don't skimp on the quality fabric - You will want to gravitate towards a heavier fabric.  Thin white fabric is going to magnify any issue (even when wearing shapewear) even more.  This may mean you will have to pay a little more than usual for your pants, but crappy white fabric will show everything including your underwear. Pictured above are white pants from the Isabel Toledo Collection from Lane Bryant. They were a little pricier, but after I had tried them on, I knew they were worth it. The fabric, cut, and quality are hard to find in that color and plus size.  The Rebdolls set has a triple layered (yes tripled) skirt.  In my humble opinion (and this something I live my shopping life by) the better the fabric, the better you will look. 

Self Acceptance - Being completely honest I am not a fan of my cellulite, but I've had it since I was 10 and have accepted it.  With that being said,  I will have the appearance of cellulite, even when wearing shapewear.  It is reduced, but it still will be there.  So the question is, do you still wear the item or not? For me, if I feel I look fabulous, cellulite and all, then I will wear it.  Cellulite tends to appear more on the back of my legs, but I loved the look, so I wore the look. 

Fit and Flare - So you may be saying to yourself, "I want to wear all white, but I don't want to put the work into it." Opt for a fit and flare dress/skirt.  These are dresses/skirts that fit the waist and flare out. These look great on all body types. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Girl's Night Out

I got to shoot a super fun Girl's Night Out Video with Cora, from Vintage or Tacky and Tess Holliday.  We had loads of fun and everyone had on gorgeous looks. You can find my look here.  I also did a post on it here.  I hope you enjoy! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Look Back At It

When there are warm temperatures outside it's time to bring out the all white.  While, in Santa Cruz, hubby and I went over to a vegan spot nearby called the Saturn Cafe recommended to us by Nicolette Mason.  I love when I post pictures on Instagram while traveling and people give me advice on places to go.  I decided to wear this all white look. This fun top is from Charlotte Russe and the new plus size clothing that they are launching.  I know you may say I don't know if wearing all white and going to dinner should happen simultaneously. HA! I'm not the most careful eater, but when I am wearing something I love I take extra care not to mess myself up. It's a multitasking adventure during the entire meal time, but I like and challenge, and I succeeded in not spilling. 

Charlotte Russe is launching a plus size, and I got the details and insight on the clothing.   Let's just give a cheer for more options. Whoop Whoop! Charlotte Russe will now be offering sizes 0 to 24 online and in select stores.  This fun little top is a part of the launch.  The line will be offering tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, and denim.  I had a chance to try a variety of items, and this line will be in junior plus sizes.  I would advise sizes up 1 to 2 sizes per garments.  All items I tried were in a 3X. This top is in a 3x as well. I included some of my favorite pictures of the line below. 

My Outfit:  Top:  Charlotte Russe, Pants: Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant, Shoes: Lane Bryant, Bag: Nic & Zoe

This post is sponsored by Charlotte Russe, all opinions and style are my own.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Wide Width Picks

Gold Gladiators | Baby Blue Platform | Nude Sandal | Floral Sandal | Striped Flat | Cobalt Flat | Red Patent Loafer

It's time to start thinking about shoes for spring, so I did a round up of some fun wide width shoe options for spring.  The links to each shoe is above.  I have to say that I'm stalking the ASOS site for newly added wide width shoes. They are on my stalker list. LOL.  Every shoe that I have purchased thus far has been amazing.  Hope you like and happy shopping! 
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